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Eve on the left is 5 pounds and Cali is 3 and a half pounds. Thank you Karalyn Apple for our beautiful dogs. Love them! - Lisa

This is Crockett. He lives in South Dakota with Paula and is one spoiled Maltese. This picture was taken on Crockett's 1st birthday. He has a wonderful home, and a Maltese buddy Coda to play with. Paula and I have become great email friends.


Just wanted to let you know Calee turned 3 years old on September 24, 2007.
Still really glad that we found you and got Calee from you.
She has given us days and days of “Fun”, “Enjoyment” and has been our “best friend.”
She is so “Cute” and has the “best personality.”
Thanks again for our beautiful Calee. We just love her.

Lori L


Hi, I just thought I would email you and tell you that Meko the dog that I bought from you in June is doing so good!!! He just got neutered last week and everything is great! He is such an active puppy and loves to play and give kisses! Here is a recent picture of him!! Thank you so much again he is my little baby and will always be!


Our Maltese that we purchased from you last summer turned one today.
His name is Nemo and our family loves him!! I just thought you may want
to hear he's healthy and happy.

Thank you,



Hi, Thought I would send this pic of Charlie to you. He traveled home extremely well and we had no problems at all. He has fit in perfectly with the kids. I As you can all imagine he is being spoiled immensely and the kids definitely love him to pieces.....Michelle

Hi Karalyn,

Just wanted to let you know that Saji is having a good time at Mud
Manor. He loves chasing chipmunks through the gardens. He hasn't
caught one yet :-)

Saji lives in Brainerd, Mn

Twins Max and Bobby with their twin puppies Zeus and Zoey

We finally got a family picture for you.  The boys are doing great. We love them so much. Thank you so much!

Gracey is a little one...she is still only 4 lbs and is now one yr old. She is healthy , eats well and is very energetic! She is beautiful, as you can see!! She is loved!

Katelynn with her new puppy. She is growing very fast. She is also a fast learner. She knows to sit and down, and ring the bell to go outside and come.