I am the proud mother of three grown boys, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren. My husband and I are retired. I worked for a veterinarian for many years. I raise only Maltese puppies and do so on a limited basis here in our home in central Minnesota near Minneapolis. .

APRI CH. Tooties Friendly Little Chap (Champ)



I have been raising puppies for over 20 years. As a child we always had dogs (and sometimes puppies) around the homestead. They are loved on from day one. My puppies are raised here in our home (not kenneled) with lots of attention daily. The adults (not the puppies) do sleep in our beds, and are loved on and pampered daily.. We have a huge fenced in yard for them to run and play in. Our dogs are well socialized. We take them camping throughout the summer... Our dogs are a part of our daily lives.

When breeding, I try to get you the best puppy companion possible. I do have some show quality puppies, but because I can not keep them all I sell them as pets. I strive for good health, excellent temperaments and top quality looks. My puppies come from AKC Champion backgrounds. I have chosen Champion lines to get you a nice looking puppy. I breed to a dog of another line so as not to get inbred or closely line bred puppies. If one of my adult dogs produces something not desirable, that dog is then placed into a pet home so as not to pass on undesirable traits.

Placing out adult dogs is one of the hardest sacrifices a breeder has to do when breeding. I am attached to my dogs as they are a big part of our family. I have shed many tears the few times I have had to retire a dog for any reason. If you are looking for an adult dog, be sure to let me know and I can discuss this with you. . I am particular as to where my little ones go, and I do reserve the right to check in on them occasionally. The adults are trained to use papers or potty pads in a litter box in the house, as well as potty outside. They usually will make a nice companion for someone not wanting to raise a puppy.

Because we have occasional litters only, we do at times have a waiting list. My puppies are worth the wait! References can be given upon request. Be prepared to answer some questions regarding your home situation and maybe a reference or two also. This is my only chance to give the puppy a good forever home, and I want my puppies to have a wonderful life. They did not ask to be born and do deserve the very best that life can offer them.

I have worked for a veterinarian. Therefore my dogs and puppies get the best of veterinary care. My puppies have their dew claws removed, get puppy vaccinations, get regular wormings, vet checkups and anything else that is needed.. When getting a puppy from us you will get a detailed medical history of everything that your puppy has had done at the vet clinic as well as here at home. Everything is documented for you to take to your veterinarian when getting a puppy from us. You will get information on potty training, teeth brushing, and a 2 page information sheet on information about toy breed puppies.

I try to educate you so that your puppy will have the best possible life ahead. I will try my best to match you with a puppy that will suit your lifestyle.

Because I want the best possible homes for my puppies I do require that they be sold on spay/neuter agreements, meaning they must be spayed or neutered before reaching adulthood... Hormonal cancers are much more widespread in both male and female dogs than in humans. “Fixing” your puppy will give it a healthier life without the worry of hormonal cancers or deadly Pyometra in the un-spayed female. Toy dogs are not easily bred. They do require caesarian-sections frequently, and puppies need extra special care. Spayed/neutered dogs make much better pets. Therefore for the health of the pup, if you choose to buy from us, I do require that you spay or neuter your puppy. Registration papers are given out after proof of neuter/spay to prevent the pups from ending up in a puppy mill.

I have found the Maltese to be the “best” of the toy breeds. If you are looking for a non shedding, loving little lap dog to share your life with you have come to the right place. Once having a Maltese, you will fall in love with the breed.