Your warranty becomes null and void if you give more than one vaccination at a time. Because this is a small toy dog you must be very careful when vaccinating.

Vaccinations should not be given less than three to four weeks apart. Please do not give heartworm or flea/tick medication on the same day as a vaccination. Wait a few days after vaccinating to give the heart worm medication.

Please spread out your medications for the safety of your little puppies health. These are small dogs! If they develop an allergic reaction, it could be fatal. The vaccination dosage is the same for a dog of any size or any age, they all get the same amount of vaccine. Therefore, for your pups well being, please give only one vaccination at a time.

Lepto and Lyme vaccine are not recommended for toy dogs as they are very hard on them. If you are in a Lyme infested area and feel the need to vaccinate for Lymes, please do so early in the day so your pet can go back to the clinic if not feeling well.

Please remember, each vaccination must be done at a separate veterinarian visit from any other vaccination. Your puppy’s health depends on you.