Grooming & Dental Care’

Daily hair brushing should be done to prevent matting. Daily face washing will prevent stain buildup around the eyes.

Teeth need to be brushed daily. Toy dogs develop Gingivitis easily and as your dog matures it will have a lot of tartar build up. Your puppy will need regular visits to your veterinarian for professional teeth cleaning as it matures. Puppy teeth may not always fall out, especially the canine eye teeth. Canine baby teeth may have to be surgically removed. Have your veterinarian pull any extra teeth at time of spay/neuter.

Please have your dogs’ teeth checked and professionally cleaned by your veterinarian yearly or as often as your vet recommends. If regular care is not followed, adult teeth will fall out at an early age, and dog will have bad breath.

I have found a product that is working great on my dogs plaque build up. It is a mouth spray that the dogs like. It is called: Susan Sinclair’s ASSURE. You can find it online. I highly recommend you use this on your dogs teeth.