We love our boys from Karalyn! Hoppi and Hewi.

Sending another update on sweet puppy Crunch! He is SUCH a good dog. So friendly and playful. He loves fetch and can play for hours. Loves the snow, and adores the kids (age 7 and 5). We can’t thank you enough and wanted you to know that Crunch is doing great!!  He loves getting brushed (even likes having his teeth brushed) and loves other dogs, kids, and people. Best dog we’ve ever had!

Merry Christmas to you. Here is a picture of Kirby from just a couple days ago. Things are going really well. He’s starting to understand the bell means potty so we have had far fewer accidents. We’ve been taking him to classes and he’s getting things pretty well – Smart dog!

Temple is right at home, he runs all over the place and we just love him. Thank you so much.

Greetings from Milo. He is so happy with his family. He loves to tackle his brother the cat and sleep with his older brother. Loves to play out in the snow and loves to eat the snow merry Christmas and happy new year from Milo, Steve and Christi


Happy New Year
Here is a picture of Ricky. He is a wonderful puppy who has brought much joy to us. He and Lucy are becoming friends. Where one is you’ll find the other.
Thanks so much


These dogs are from Karalyns Maltese and are living in a wonderful home in EauClaire.  Karrie

💖Hi Ms Karalyn💖
You Were Her 1st Mommy!
I Was Her 2nd And
Forever Mommy!
Yes, Lovey Is
Beautiful And
Super Special!
She is Cute, Funny,
& Loving! She Is
Very Loyal To Her
Love💖 Hugs &
Kisses From Me &
Lovey!   Lori

Karalyn is very professional in her breading and dealing with you as a customer. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 5 stars. we love our little Miss Jasmine
Debra  2019

We have a pup from Karalyn’s and could not be happier! Our pup is sweet loving smart and ridiculously cute! A wonderful gift for our 12 year old daughter. She took great care raising our little guy til we could adopt him.

Our Gizmo is 7 years old. We got him as a pup from Karalyns and we just adore him. He is our first Maltese and she had me educated well before we left her home with him. He is a gorgeous dog! We have been very satisfied .


Meet Rudy, who moved from Minnesota to California  from Karalyn Apple who is a breeder listed on the list at the beginning of this web site. He will be 5 months old the end of this month. He has been a great addition to our family and he makes us happy every day. He is actually a Malonka or Bolonkatese – half Maltese and half Russian Bolonka.

Wishing you and your family a Beautiful and Healthy Thanksgiving!!!! This is Barley, he the sweetest, most loving, smart little guy!!! We love and enjoy him so much!!! He loves our 4 Grandbabies!! His 2 best friends are an 80 lb. black lab and a King Charles Spaniel!!! He is housebroken, sleeps in his crate all night, knows how to sit, stay and down!!! We are so thankful for such a special addition to our family!!!🙏🏻😍🙏🏻🥰Thank you!!! He will be neutered in January!!!😂

This is Crockett. He lives in South Dakota with Paula and is one spoiled Maltese. This picture was taken on Crockett’s 1st birthday. He has a wonderful home, and a Maltese buddy Coda to play with. Paula and I have become great email friends.

Just wanted to let you know Calee turned 3 years old on September 24, 2007.
Still really glad that we found you and got Calee from you.
She has given us days and days of “Fun”, “Enjoyment” and has been our “best friend.”
She is so “Cute” and has the “best personality.”
Thanks again for our beautiful Calee. We just love her.

Lori L


Hi, I just thought I would email you and tell you that Meko the dog that I bought from you in June is doing so good!!! He just got neutered last week and everything is great! He is such an active puppy and loves to play and give kisses! Here is a recent picture of him!! Thank you so much again he is my little baby and will always be!

Our Maltese that we purchased from you last summer turned one today.
His name is Nemo and our family loves him!! I just thought you may want
to hear he’s healthy and happy.

Thank you,



Hi, Thought I would send this pic of Charlie to you. He traveled home extremely well and we had no problems at all. He has fit in perfectly with the kids. I As you can all imagine he is being spoiled immensely and the kids definitely love him to pieces…..Michelle